Now It Is Easy To Transfer Data from Apple Phone to Android Phone, Google Launches 'Switch to Android App'

Great gift for Android users: Now it is easy to transfer data from Apple phone to Android phone, Google launches 'Switch to Android app'

In today's age of smartphones, people have been using Android phones for a few days and Apple phones for a few days. But the problem in between is how to get Apple phone data in Android. This issue has been resolved by Google. Google has recently launched 'Switch to Android App'. This app is specially launched for iOS users who want to come to Android. Google's 'Switch to Android App' app works wirelessly, meaning no cable is required to transfer data.

Data transfer to Android will be completely secure

Google claims that data transfer from iOS to Android will be completely secure. Apart from this, data transfer from iOS to Android will not take much time. The Switch to Android app is also on the App Store. The app also provides information on how data can be transferred.

The size of the application is 39MB

During data transfer, users will have the option to transfer everything from contacts to photos, videos and calendars. The size of this application is 39 MB. iOS 12.0 version or later iOS version can be downloaded on iPhone. The funny thing is, until now, there was no option to switch from iOS to Android. Apple already had the option to switch from Android to iOS.

  1. The process of downloading and using the Switch to Android app on iPhone
  2. Download the Switch to Android app by clicking this link
  3. Download the app and click on the Start button. Then scan the QR code on the Android phone.
  4. Then select the iPhone in the device list on the Android phone.
  5. Select a contact, calendar, photo-video and click 'Continue'.
  6. After completing the copying process, click on the 'Go to Settings' button and disable 'iMessage'.
  7. Request a copy of the icloud data after clicking Start Request on the next screen.
  8. Then close the app and keep the setup on the Android phone.

The listing of the App Store for the Switch to Android app indicates that users will only be running iOS 12 or later on their iPhone. The app's details also show users that it will ask a lot of permissions to access users' iPhone data to complete data transfer on an Android device. The app displays location, contact information, user content, usage information, identifiers and other data under the privacy section 'Data linked to you'. Of course, Google has not yet officially announced the app and there is no information on when it will be listed on the App Store.

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