If You Just Do This, The Internet Will Run at Superfast Speed, the Speed of WIFI will also Double!

The Internet is the most important thing in the world at Work From Home. All the work is being done easily by him. But the biggest concern is when the internet speed slows down. But with this awesome game you can increase the speed of Wi-Fi ...

Work from home is being used more and more in Corona's time. Office work is done from home. In this case, we just have to rely on Wi-Fi. It is often seen that the speed of internet is very low. Which causes a lot of problems. If you are still having internet problem after paying monthly fee to your internet service provider. So we are going to tell you a trick that will make the speed of internet superfast through Wi-Fi router. Let us know about this special game.


1) This juggling will make the speed of Wi-Fi superfast

2) Where do you get the highest speed by keeping the router?

3) What is the effect of electronic devices?

Get full speed from the right place of router-

The center of your home is usually the best place to set up your Wi-Fi router. But this advice may not be appropriate for every home. It also depends on where you use the internet the most. The most important router should be placed in the center of the most important area of ​​your home. Try to keep the router in the center where you want the most speed.

The router needs to be high -

Routers tend to spread their signal downwards. So try to keep the router as high as possible to increase coverage. Try putting it on a high bookshelf or sticking it on the wall.

Do not place large electronic devices near routers.

Choose to keep the router away from other electronics and large metal objects in the home. Walls near your router, large interruptions and electronics equipment interfere with the signal. Microwaves, for example, emit a stronger signal in the 2.4GHz band, which is one of the ways your router works in the wireless band. So if you try to keep such devices away from the router, you can get full speed of internet.

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